QNF Asks “How do you live without the party?”

The SF Bay Area Queer Nightlife Fund (QNF) continues its Queer Nightlife Talks series with its third offering, “How do you live without the party?” on Tuesday, November 10th, 7pm-9pm Pacific. This Talk will feature two community mental health professionals who will offer coping strategies and facilitate a discussion about the current mental health challenges facing queer nightlife workers as well as the queer community at large.

These are sure tough times. We are all dealing with a protracted pandemic and the restrictions it places on our social lives. The loss of our events at which we gather combined with being unable to hang out with our friends pulls at the threads of the fabric of our wellbeing.

At the same time, many of us are struggling financially. Workers in queer nightlife are definitely feeling these economic pressures, but so are others in our queer community due to loss of jobs or underemployment.

Taken together, the current situation can be a perfect storm to create stress, depression and a sense of loss for even the most emotionally strong among us.

QNF has tasked itself with providing resources and opportunities to support queer nightlife workers impacted by COVID-19, but we realize that sometimes support also comes in non-monetary forms. And queer nightlife does not operate in a vacuum. QNF realizes that we must look at  our queer community’s mental health holistically.

During this session some of the questions to be addressed will be:

  • What unique challenges are confronting workers in queer nightlife specifically?
  • What are the mental health ramifications to the queer communities being unable to gather in our safe spaces?
  • What strategies can be adopted to help individuals who are wrestling with mental health challenges due to the pandemic?
  • How might communal mental health issues queer folks are struggling with differ from those of non-queer people?

The Talks session will again be moderated by QNF Steering Committee member, Angel Garfold, who will facilitate the group’s discussion and a dialogue between two well known mental health professionals, Angelique L. Burke, MS, EdS, LPC, ChT, and Ralph Bruneau, PhD.

Angelique L. Burke, MS, EdS, LPC, ChT has a proven and long-standing commitment to community involvement, leadership, and education, and one of her current passions is creating new communal connections while presenting and educating at various community and professional events.

In other adjacent worlds, she is a PhD candidate and Psychotherapist who graduated from The Florida State University’s College of Education with dual Masters’ of Science in Career Counseling and Mental Health Counseling, and an Educational Specialist degree.

Ralph Bruneau, PhD, is International Mr. Leather 2017. Dr. Bruneau has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and is a LMFT in Los Angeles working both within and outside the kink and fetish communities. As IML, he traveled over 118,000 miles as an ambassador to the leather community around the world, participating in 43 weekends of events out of 52 in his title year. He is on the Board of the Los Angeles Gender Center and President of Avatar LA. He has presented/taught at CLAW, IML, IMsL, ONYX Blackout, among others.

For full bios of the presenters, visit the event page.

QNF invites everyone from the queer community to attend wther you work in queer nightlife or are one of the many people, whether a local or someone who visitors our area,

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