QNF Update | April 14, 2020

April 14, 2020


As of 12:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time this morning (April 14, 2020), the San Francisco Queer Nightlife Fund has engaged over $135,000 in support for nightlife workers whose livelihood has been affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

This figure includes over $120,000 in grassroots contributions through the SF QNF website (www.sfqueernightlifefund.org) from 1,444 individual donations and over $15,000 in pledged support from philanthropic or corporate donors. Each individual grassroots gift has been, on average, $83.00 per donation.

The SF QNF has raised 67% of our current $200K fundraising goal to fund 200 grant-worthy applicants from the nightlife industry who depend on nightlife venues and events for their income.

We need community support to help those workers who have been laid-off from San Francisco’s historic and culturally significant LGBTQ nightlife industry.

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The SF QNF Grant Committee is presently reviewing the 258 applications submitted on March 31st, requesting minimally $306,753 in relief in total. The SF QNF Grant Committee is collecting additional information from some grant applicants in order to complete a review of their request for relief. The SF QNF anticipates it will complete reviewing applicant information, and begin issuing responses regarding applicants’ funding requests later this week.

Among the current applicants:

  • 96.89% rent their home
  • 8.53% are a recipient of food assistance
  • 38.76% do not have health insurance
  • 17.82% have 1 or more dependents
  • 67.05% rely upon their stated nightlife income as a sole source of income

Based on applicants’ indicated need, the San Francisco Bay Area Queer Nightlife Fund organizers have set a fundraising goal of at least $200,000 to adequately meet the needs of the 200 QNF grant recipients.

For our fifth Quaran-Tea, the SF Bay Area Queer Nightlife Fund is pleased to be collaborating with queer burners. For this celebration of the temporary city in the dust, we’ve lined up participants from BAAAHS, Glamcocks, Mystopia, and the world-famous Bootie Mashup.

Please contact the SF QNF organizers with any questions regarding this press release (qnf-press@lgbtq-economics.org).

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