SF Bay Area Queer Nightlife Fund Emergency Grant Application

Applications are no longer being accepted

Applicant Eligibility:

QNF is providing its final round of emergency grants for food (normal basic maintenance), medical expenses (prescriptions & essential care), utilities and rent. You must provide specifics regarding how you intend to use the grant.

Those eligible to receive funds from this grant are those for whom nightlife employment constitutes a significant portion of their regular monthly income, and where nightlife is defined as working as:

  • A service industry worker, such as a bartender or server at a queer nightlife establishment.
  • An entertainer, such as a DJ, dancer, or drag performer who performs at queer nightlife events.
  • An artist, such as a production designer, lighting designer, or event photographer for a queer nightlife venue or event.
  • A vendor or contractor primarily serving the queer nightlife industry.
  • A producer or organizer of queer nightlife events.

To ensure the fund supports the most at-risk members of our community, an applicant’s annual or monthly income should be considered low- or moderate-income (LMI) for the SF Bay Area.


This application, as well as the reviewing process, are confidential; all QNF participants and stakeholders are requested to maintain confidentiality.

This application will be reviewed by the Grant Committee of the QNF Steering Committee.

LGBTQ workers need support during the COVID-19 Crisis

Do you have the financial ability to support LGBTQ workers in this time of need? Give to the SF Queer Nightlife Fund today.

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