San Francisco Queer Nightlife Fund Recipients

Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials


“Wow, I am more than thankful to have been chosen for this grant. Truly thankful. I have never anticipated something like this pandemic to happen, I only imagined this to happen in movies. I was panicked when I found out my bar was closing and not having enough in my bank account to pay rent or to food to cover me for the rest of the month, luckily I had a few friends who helped me in the beginning with money for food –– thanks to those.

I want to thank the organizers of Queer Nightlife Fund and those who donated. This has truly taken a lot of weight off my shoulders. The money will go towards helping with rent I still owe for April (oops haha), food, and bills.

Though this isn’t over I now feel like I can make it a further in the month without so much stress.”


“Thank you so much, SF Queer Nightlife Fund, for the extraordinary level of continued care and commitment you have shown to so many of us here in San Francisco who make their living working in the queer nightlife scene. As a queer photographer here in the city, I have lost all my work for the foreseeable future. My grant from you arrived yesterday and the feeling of relief that someone is out there who cares is almost overwhelming. Thank you all there at the Fund for all your hard work and thank you to all have donated and continue to donate!”

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