We Did It! QNF Completes Its Mission

Thanks to a final surge of donations, especially as the QNF was named beneficiary of the Juanita More Pride party, we were able to offer an 8th and final round of monetary grants to workers in local queer nightlife who have struggled financially during the worst of the pandemic. QNF has just completed the distribution of that final round of 93 grants totaling $83,290.

This effectively completes the mission that QNF decided to undertake at the beginning of the pandemic.

With the distribution of our final round of grants, QNF has awarded 511 grants totaling $399,641 to queer nightlife workers. 

Additionally, QNF has also paid $8,849 to community members through 31 streaming events during which we booked 87 DJs along with numerous hosts, ASL interpreters, and group facilitators, resulting in 112 streaming hours of content on Twitch (over 23,000 live views). QNF also facilitated the hiring of local queer DJs for well-paid local gigs.

QNF is extremely proud of our fundraising efforts, the direct financial support we were able to give queer nightlife workers, and the many online events we hosted that kept the community connected and engaged when in-person gatherings were not possible.

Our financial contributors are our heroes. QNF is so thankful for every person, organization, and company who has donated or otherwise worked to make QNF’s support for queer nightlife workers possible. Your donations made the difference between many queer nightlife workers surviving or not.

It is now time to turn the page as the pandemic reaches a phase where we increasingly return to nightlife normality.

QNF has been steadfastly committed to providing resources and opportunities to promote and support those in queer nightlife in the SF Bay Area during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our mission is now complete. We’ve done what we intended to do. It’s time to to wrap up our economic support efforts for queer nightlife workers and celebrate our community’s resilience.

QNF plans to maintain the diverse platform we have created and to share information and resources related to queer nightlife in the Bay Area. We will maintain our website and our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Soundcloud presence. However, all fundraising efforts and financial grant activity have ceased.

When Phil Hammack first reached out to fellow community leaders in March 2020 concerned about the future of local queer nightlife workers, the Steering Committee and QNF nonprofit that resulted had no idea we’d still need to be around for so long. QNF thought perhaps after a few months passed things would return to normal. But the pandemic had other plans, and QNF remained committed to sustaining local queer nightlife by supporting its workers for 17 months.

In addition to providing financial support, QNF saw a desperate need to maintain community as lockdowns began, and our regular online events such as the Quaran-Tea kept the spirits of queer nightlife revelers afloat as they sheltered in place.

The Steering Committee of QNF—Shannon Amitin, Race Bannon, Angel Garfold, Phil Hammack, Juanita More, Mark O’Brien, and Joe Weidman—wants to extend its deep gratitude to everyone who stepped up with donations, talents, or volunteer time to help make QNF successful in keeping San Francisco Bay Area queer nightlife culture alive.

Now, let the music play and let’s dance!

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