Emergency Grants Available for Queer Nightlife Workers

The SF Bay Area Queer Nightlife Fund (QNF) has opened up our next round of applications for emergency grant awards to workers in Bay Area queer nightlife who are still having financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For this round, QNF is providing emergency grants for food (normal basic maintenance) and medical expenses (prescriptions and essential care) only, up to $500.

Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, February 10, 2021.

It’s important for potential applicants to remember that you must have been, at the start of the pandemic, a worker in local Bay Area queer nightlife to be eligible, and your queer nightlife income must have been a significant portion of your regular monthly income.

Further eligibility information is listed on QNF’s Emergency Grant Application page which must be completed in its entirety for applicants to be considered.

Continued thanks to all those that have donated and continue to donate towards meeting the ongoing need of queer nightlife workers. QNF’s mission is to readily award monies donated to queer nightlife workers in need as they are available. Right now, due to the challenging financial landscape and duration of the pandemic, fundraising has been difficult. We hope that those people who do have extra money on hand will consider donating. Donations to QNF are 100% tax deductible (for U.S. donations). You can donate on QNF’s Donate page.

Hopefully the need for QNF’s grants will wane in the coming months as the virus is contained and our nightlife venues begin to reopen, but right now a lot of people still need help. Please consider giving if you are able. 

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