QNF Encourages Support for Bay Area Queer Venues

The mission of the SF Bay Area Queer Nightliife Fund (QNF) is to help workers in local queer nightlife who are not working due to the pandemic. However, without the venues in which those workers are employed there would not be anyplace for them to return to work once the pandemic subsides.

It’s important to do what we can to support our queer spaces that are struggling. Many of the venues have fundraising mechanisms in place to help them get through these tough times.

In the interest of offering support for these fundraising efforts, QNF is providing this consolidated list of all the currently active funds or support opportunities of which we are aware. QNF encourages everyone with the financial means to donate so our queer nightlife retains the brick and mortar locations in which to thrive post-pandemic.

Of course QNF always welcomes donations to allow us to continue our work.

If you are aware of a Bay Area queer venue not listed that has an active fundraising effort in place, you can email us that information to be added to this post.

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