QNF Awards Emergency Grants

In late August we announced that the SF Bay Area Queer Nightlife Fund (QNF) would be moving to a quicker monthly emergency grant awards application and assessment process.

Since weekly fundraising was declining as we competed for community donation dollars in the current challenging environment, QNF was forecasting fewer dollars to give. So, we made the decision that, at least for now, our Fund’s grant awards will specifically address emergency food and medical bill needs.

We just completed our latest round of grant awards. We received 22 applications with 9 people meeting our criteria and awarded $4,156.

The next round of grant award application submissions were heavily promoted on all of our social media channels and the deadline for applying is end of day tomorrow, October 15, 2020.

We strongly encourage those workers in local queer nightlife who have been impacted by the pandemic and are having a difficult time meeting expenses for food and medical bills to visit our application page and apply.

We will be reopening the application process with a new due date in November soon after tomorrow’s deadline has passed for the current round.

After applications are submitted, we review them and determine where the greatest need exists and what we can offer based on the Fund monies available at the time. We notify grant award recipients before the end of the month with an anticipated grant amount sent to the recipient by the end of the month. The maximum grant is $500.

If you are applying, please look carefully at our grant eligibility criteria to make sure you qualify. This is extremely important to make it more likely that your application will be approved. 

As mentioned in many previous communications, we feel at this point in time it is important to prioritize women, transgender, gender nonconforming, nonbinary, and all queer, Black, Indigeous, and people of color. However, every worker in local queer nightlife with eliglble needs should apply. We intend to provide resources and opportunites to the entire spectrum of workers in queer nightlife, while we strongly encourage people in these too-often marginalized demographics to apply.

Donations to QNF can be made on our Donation page.

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