Queer Nightlife Fund Financial Update

Since first forming in March 2020, the SF Bay Area Queer Nightlife Fund (QNF) has been working hard to raise money to assist workers in local queer nightlife who are struggling financially due to COVID-19 and the resulting bar and venue closures.

We are proud that to date we have raised $299,699 toward this effort.

Of the $299,699 raised, $220,917 has come from individual donations, $68,783 from organization donations, and $10,000 from foundation grants.

We are especially proud that we have distributed as direct grant relief assistance $236,490 to approximately 300 recipients in need. This has taken place during our Round 1 and Round 2 distribution cycles.

Going forward, QNF is moving to a monthly emergency grant award cycle with new award and application parameters that will be announced soon in a separate post.

One of the additional ways QNF helps support queer nightlife workers is by paying them for their work done during our events such as our regular online Quaran-Tea Dance parties. Thus far we have paid performers $3,830.

As a volunteer led organization, QNF takes pride in keeping our operational costs low, with just 6.3% of monies raised accounting for expenses. Since our founding we have spent: $2,610 for supplies, subscriptions, advertising, and other operating expenses; $6,812 in financial transaction and banking fees; and $5,639 in fiscal sponsorship fees.

Our organization thrives on transparency so that the community can be sure that the money they donate to QNF is being well spent. We remain committed to proper financial oversight of the donations the community has generously contributed to helping queer nightlife workers.

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