Why Queer Nightlife Needs Us Now | Juanita MORE!

Juanita MORE! | Entrepreneur & Activist

This is Juanita MORE! and I have been part of the San Francisco club scene for a long time. I am part of the committee that has helped put together the SF Bay Area Queer Nightlife Fund.

With the coronavirus quickly affecting our city, the newly instated quarantine is rapidly changing the course of the lives of those who help make the magic happen here night after night.

Like many of my fellow after-dark friends, work and our income has come to a screeching halt–so we need to come together as a community to help support each other now more than ever.

The Queer Nightlife Fund will give people stability: now and until this pandemic is over. Those eligible to receive funds are those for whom nightlife employment constitutes a significant portion of their regular monthly income.

So make a donation now that will help get LGBTQ nightlife workers the support they so desperately need.

Juanita MORE! is a San Francisco Bay Area entrepeneur, activist, and drag-legend. https://juanitamore.com/

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