Queer Nightlife Saved My Life | Just Shannon, Jolene’s Bar

Just Shannon, Co-Owner, Jolene’s Bar

Queer nightlife saved my life.

The San Francisco queer nightlife community doesn’t always look like a rave. Sometimes it looks like drag mothers teaching survival lessons while painting their children’s faces into flawless perfection.

It looks like ten hugs the moment you enter a club. It looks like friends buying you a drink and dinner from the taco truck outside the bar when you’re short on cash. It looks like a couch to sleep on.

It looks like not only encouragement, but a demand to express yourself in ways that are terrifying and thrilling. It looks like family.

If queer nightlife saved your life, please consider donating now to www.sfqueernightlifefund.org.

Just Shannon is the co-owner of Jolene’s Bar SF, a staff member at SF Pride, and an organizing member on the Castro LGBTQ Cultural District Advisory Board.

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