A Message from Margaret Cho about SF QNF

The San Francisco Queer Nightlife Fund organizers are proud and humbled to recieve the following message of support from Bay Area native and famed comedian Margaret Cho.

She had the following to say about the SF QNF in a video sent to the organizers:

“Hi, it’s Margaret Cho. Won’t you donate to the San Francisco queer night-workers fund. Queer workers of the night… Queer night work… You know the queers that work at night? We all need help. Let’s help each other help ourselves–and help help help!”

Margaret Cho

The San Francisco Queer Nightlife Fund is proud to receive this heartfelt, and humorous, message of support.

Please heed her call: Donate to support our SF Bay Area queer nightlife workers, who need your help now.

We love you Margaret,


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